Indulgence Starter Kit


Original Sin set in Onyx Black. The iconic must-have for every lingerie connoisseur includes; Lilith bra, Serpent thong, Adam choker, Eve cuffs & a delicate golden chain.

Indulge in the luxury of expressing yourself in the most gorgeous details. The straps are fully adjustable and create a curve-hugging effect.


Lilith Bra


US/UK 32A, France 85A

US/UK 32B, France 85B

US/UK 32C, France 85C

US/UK 34A, France 90A

US/UK 34B, France 90B

Weight 45-55 kg


US/UK 34B, France 90B

US/UK 34C, France 90C

US/UK 34D, France 90D

US/UK 36A, France 95A

Weight 55-65 kg


US/UK 36A, France 95A

US/UK 36B, France 95B

US/UK 36C, France 95C

US/UK 36D, France 95D

Weight 65-80 kg


Serpent Thong

Waist Circumference x Hip Circumference 

Small: 60-66 cm x 86-92.5 cm

Medium: 66-71 cm x 92.5-98 cm

Large: 71-80 cm x 98-104 cm


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